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US District Court Ruling Absolves Skylink Technologies From Alleged Violation of Digital Millennium Copyright Act By Chamberlain Group

US district court summary judgment ruling in favor of Skylink bolsters free enterprise market – diminishes use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Ontario, Canada, November 25, 2003 - Skylink Technologies Inc., a Canadian company distributing wireless garage door openers, home security and monitoring products, today announced that a summary judgment motion filed earlier this year defending the company against a complaint by the Chamberlain Group for alleged violation of the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was granted by Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer of the US District Court, Northern District of Illinois on November 13th. Skylink...

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Skylink Unveils Swing Door Opener

Monday January 16, 9:00 am ET OTODOR: Designed and Manufactured By Skylink Group: Interior Home and Office Doors Can Be Automated to Open and Close Without a Push, Pull or Turn TORONTO, Jan. 16, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- The Skylink Group, a leader in Access product and wireless technology, today announced the launch of the OTODOR(R) Swing Door Opener (SDO), an automated system which allows the homeowner to open and close an interior door without a push, pull and/or turn of a knob. "The beauty of this product lies in its simplicity," said Philip Tsui, CEO of Skylink. "The Swing Door...

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Skylink wins absolute victory on all DMCA lawsuits

(Toronto, ON) April 21, 2005 - Skylink Technologies Inc., a worldwide leader in the distribution of wireless garage door openers, home security and monitoring products, has announced victory in a series of litigations filed by the Chamberlain Group. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused Chamberlain's appeal of Skylink's victory in the Illinois district court and the Federal Circuit, which has resulted in that case officially coming to a close. These decisions end three years of legal wrangling over Chamberlain's claim that Skylink had violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). ...

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Skylink Group Designed and Manufactured OTODOR Automatic Swing Door Opener

Monday June 26, 8:00 am ET SDO is Now Selling in Shoppers Home Health Care -- Canada's Largest Chain of Home Health Care Stores TORONTO, June 26, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- The Skylink(R) Group, a leader in access control products and wireless technology, introduces OTODOR(R) Automatic Swing Door Opener (SDO), an automated system that allows the homeowner to open and close an interior door without a push, pull and/or turn of a knob. This product is now available in Canada's largest home health care chain -- Shoppers Home Health Care. "The beauty of this product lies in its simplicity,'' said...

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Skylink Group Launches 3-in-1 System that will Help Prevent Countless Accidental Deaths

For Immediate Release Skylink Group launches 3-in-1 system that will help prevent countless accidental deaths (Toronto, Ontario) March 16, 2006 – The Skylink Group today announced the launch of the ‘Garage Master’, a three-in-one automated system that functions as a garage door closer, receiver and a carbon monoxide door opener. "We are pleased to announce the launch of this innovative product,” said Gallen Tsui, President of Skylink, which is a leader in wireless technology. “The Garage Master provides homeowners with a fully functional three-in-one system designed to ...

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Skylink Technologies: Smart Button Opens Doors to Success

Source: Skylink Technologies TORONTO, Feb. 5, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) (PRIMEZONE) -- An amazing new patented technology is about to revolutionize the way homeowners can open their garage doors. It will also increase sales for retailers and distributors by reducing the number of returned items from customers. Skylink Group, the market leader in universal garage door remote controls announces the upcoming launch of their new line of transmitter/remote Garage Door Openers (GDOs) featuring Smart Button(tm) technology. The old G5 Series, which includes the G5M, G5V and G5K models, will be discontinued on February 6, 2007 and replaced by...

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Meeting the Demand for More Intelligence and Power

Describing his vision of future developments in home automation products, Mr. Ernest Wong, sales and marketing manager at Capital Prospect Ltd, said, "More and more home automation products will make use of communications protocols such as Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc." "In Home Automation products," Wong continued, "end-users now seek more functionality than merely turning lights on and off. They need something more intelligent and powerful. So products must function as more than automated power controllers to be successful in today's market." In view of this, Capital Prospect is working to develop a...

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Garages That Say, "Welcome Home, Cars"

by Earl Rivard When the car became the dominant means of transport in this country, every new house of any size had to have a garage. Many if not most of these garages were given a prominent front-row spot - they faced the street. The phrase "attached garage" was a price booster. To be able to walk straight to it from the kitchen without braving the elements was a sign of arriviste luxury. Often necessitated by lot size, a garage door dominates. Even when it's not protruding, but set flush in the structure's...

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Garage Door Clicker

We have remotes for everything. Our whole world has gone high tech and almost everything we do involves electronics. From our television clickers to automatic car starters we want convenience and we love it wherever we can find it, and that includes the garage door clicker. Using remote accessed garage door openers is a convenience that we all love. You will hardly find anyone who opens their garage manually anymore. It is a thing of the past, and something that we really do not think about on a daily basis. But garage door...

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Garage Doors Aren’t Plain Jane Anymore

By First United Door Technologies For something that has been so prominent in the design of new homes over recent years, the garage door has generally been seen as a Plain Jane. But who cared, really? It was just a two-, three- or four-car structure to house the occupants vehicles. No one expected anything so utilitarian in nature to be a thing of beauty. But that has been steadily changing since 2000, says John Jella, president of 1st United Door Technologies LLC, when an amazing trend started to gain traction in the garage-door industry....

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