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Nearly anyone that lives in northern climates will agree a garage door opener is nice, this simply system allows you to open your garage door with one simple touch on one of many different styles of garage door remotes. This simple little device while only part of your garage door opener is essential since it is what allows you to stay in your vehicle and out of the cold, rain and other nasty weather until you get into your garage where it is warm and dry. Garage door remotes come in many different sizes and shapes, so that you are able to carry them in a way that works best for you. This may mean putting them on the dash or visor of your car, or in some cases they can be compact and fit on your keys or directly in your pocket. The remotes will take batteries of some kind, the type will depend a lot on the size of the remote and what all it does.

Some remotes are very simple having one button that will raise and lower your garage door. Others may have a button for raising, one for lowering and yet another for turning the light in the garage on and off. You might wonder why it is that garage door remotes do not open every garage in the neighborhood, once upon a time they did just that, this of course presented a problem when it came to security so over time manufacturers have learned to change the radio frequency that the remote works on so that there is less of a chance of this happening. Now your remote is keyed to your garage door and will not open any other doors in your neighborhood. Garage door remotes are often times the thing that breaks most on garage doors, leaving homeowners with a garage door that must be opened by pressing the button inside of the garage, totally defeating the purpose of having a garage door opener. The great thing is that almost every remote from every manufacturer is available and can be replaced, in some cases where the manufacturer does not produce the remote anymore there are compatible remotes that can take their place.

Garage door remotes are affordable and certainly easier to replace that the other pieces of your garage door opener. In many cases if the opener is not functioning correctly you must have someone come out to repair it. Remotes on the other hand can be ordered online for an affordable price and delivered straight to your door in just a few days. Before you replace your remote be sure that the batteries have not died in it, sometimes remotes can have a hard time getting a signal and as a result drain their batteries faster than you think they should. AAA Remotes has a wide array of remotes for different manufacturers and at affordable prices, if you need to get a new remote they can have one on the way to you as quickly as possible.