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Skylink Technologies: Smart Button Opens Doors to Success

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Skylink Technologies: Smart Button Opens Doors to Success

Source: Skylink Technologies

TORONTO, Feb. 5, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) (PRIMEZONE) — An amazing new patented technology is about to revolutionize the way homeowners can open their garage doors. It will also increase sales for retailers and distributors by reducing the number of returned items from customers.

Skylink Group, the market leader in universal garage door remote controls announces the upcoming launch of their new line of transmitter/remote Garage Door Openers (GDOs) featuring Smart Button(tm) technology. The old G5 Series, which includes the G5M, G5V and G5K models, will be discontinued on February 6, 2007 and replaced by the new G6 Series. With its new Smart Button(tm) technology, it replaces the Universal Transmitter and is 100% compatible with all existing GDOs, is easy to install and requires no programming, no batteries and no AC outlet!

“Our new G6 Series with Smart Button(tm) technology will eliminate the need for retailers and distributors to upgrade their system every year and makes it easy to install and use its full line of accessories. These include the Model G6M Key Chain Remote, Model G6V Visor Remote and the Model G6K Keypad Remote,” said Philip Tsui, CEO of Skylink Group.

People will find the new G6 Series is effortless to install. It simply replaces their current traditional garage door push button. Retailers, resellers and distributors will love the fact that the Smart Button(tm) is only compatible with the G6 Series, meaning improved sales of remote controls.

“Our G6 Series kits are competitively priced to appeal to retailers, resellers, distributors and consumers around the world,” said Tsui.

To learn more about the complete line of Skylink GDO remotes visit their web site at: www.skylinkhome.com.

CONTACT:  Skylink Group Philip Tsui info@skylinkhome.com www.skylinkhome.com

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