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Skylink wins absolute victory on all DMCA lawsuits

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Skylink wins absolute victory on all DMCA lawsuits

(Toronto, ON) April 21, 2005 – Skylink Technologies Inc., a worldwide leader in the distribution of wireless garage door openers, home security and monitoring products, has announced victory in a series of litigations filed by the Chamberlain Group. The U.S. Supreme Court has refused Chamberlain’s appeal of Skylink’s victory in the Illinois district court and the Federal Circuit, which has resulted in that case officially coming to a close. These decisions end three years of legal wrangling over Chamberlain’s claim that Skylink had violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). “The decisions in Skylink’s favor are a clear victory not only for the Skylink, but for consumers as well. We have maintained throughout this process that there has been no violation of the DMCA, and the Courts’ rulings are a clear affirmation of our position.” said Philip Tsui, CEO of Skylink Technologies. “We are pleased with the Courts’ decisions in respect to Chamberlain’s allegations and look forward to continuing to provide security solutions to our valued customers,” he added. Skylink Technologies was targeted by the Chamberlain Group, for distributing aftermarket compatible, universal transmitters for Garage Door Openers (GDO’s). Chamberlain felt that because Skylink’s transmitters could open a Chamberlain-brand GDO, Skylink had violated the DMCA. The DMCA legislation was passed by the US Congress in 1998 to amend the U.S. copyright law by strengthening the protection for authors and other “content creators” in the face of widespread duplication of content, due in part to the proliferation of digital technologies. The Illinois district court, the International Trade Commission, and later, the Federal Circuit, felt that the Chamberlain Group had established no connection between unauthorized use of its copyrighted software and Skylink’s transmitter. The Courts ruled in favour of Skylink because this connection is critical to sustaining a cause of action under the DMCA. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Chamberlain’s appeal of the Federal Circuit’s decision, leaving the decision in tact and binding on Chamberlain. Consumers will benefit from Skylink’s victory in that they can continue to purchase third party products with lower prices and additional features. Companies like Skylink can continue to manufacture competing and interoperable products. “Ultimately, the series of legal victories ensures that individuals can open their garage door with any device they choose. And, the rulings ensure that companies like Skylink can continue to provide competition to those that are seeking an unfair market advantage,” concluded Philip Tsui. To learn more about the Skylink, log on to www.skylinkhome.com. About Skylink Technologies Skylink understands the needs and concerns of the homeowner in providing a safe haven and comfortable environment for their family. Established in 1990, Skylink has offices in Brampton, Ontario, Canada; Ontario City, California, US and Hong Kong. RF Design, electronic design, software design, mechanical design and graphic design departments for new and existing product lines are housed in the Hong Kong offices.

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