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Woodie Plank™ Garage Doors

Woodie Plank Series Doors The Character of Wood, The Strength of Steel!   Woodie Plank Brochure The Woodie Plank™ Series doors are all custom-built and handcrafted to your design. Create a style that matches your vision. The doors can be further enhanced with a variety of classically finished wrought iron hardware and window designs. Every detail is important at 1st United Door. The first layer of cedar boards are applied to an insulated 13/4-inch thick two-sided steel sandwich door. The boards are applied smooth side up so that all the brad holes and knotholes can...

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Linear Xtended range radio controls

Linear's Xtended Range wireless receivers and transmitters are more than twice as powerful, 6 times more sensitive, and 3 times more immune to interference than the next best mid-range wireless equipment. Where Linear once offered the industry's top range at 5 miles, they now go to 10 miles. Maybe 15, (they stopped testing at 20, and the signal showed no sign of quitting.) Xtended Range is the long-distance leader over the previous Linear mid-range line, and over everything else on the market. • 2.5 times more powerful: Increased output capability from 4 watts to 10 watts minimum per channel, enabling more...

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Variable Speed Control – by Randy Baker

By Randy Baker In today’s security-conscious environment, automating larger and heavier doors and gates has become an increasingly common occurrence for many dealers. Several manufacturers are now marketing anti-terrorist crash-deterrent gate products that are necessarily extremely large and heavy. Military bases, utilities and countless federal, state and municipal government sites are candidates for anti-terrorist security upgrades using these heavy crash-deterrent products. This trend, coupled with a related desire for increased gate speeds, puts a heavy burden on the operators used to move these loads. One very effective solution to automating heavy doors...

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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are not the gadgets that they used to be many years ago. Now, they are more of a necessity for your garage and your home. There are so many options to choose from, you would be amazed at what you would find. Before you venture out to buy one, here are some things that you need to know: There are three different kinds of drives: Chain drive – this style has been around for ages. Many people still use them and find them to be very valuable for their garage. However, when they...

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Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control

Each and every year the crime rate seems to increase. This has become a very big concern for many people that would like to provide the maximum safety and security for their loved ones as well as protect any property and assets they have while they are away. Most people who are worried about thieves and anyone else who would like to gain illegal access to their property or steal any of their assets, would consider getting a great security system. Today you will find that there are many suppliers as well as different types of...

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Universal Garage Door Openers

Crime is becoming more prominent throughout the world. Everyday the crime rate seems to increase and therefore placing our safety and security at greater risk. Therefore crime is becoming a part of our everyday lives and many people are now starting to realize the benefits of having a good security system in order to provide the maximum level of safety and security for their family and loved ones as well as to protect themselves and their property and assets. There are many security systems available on the market however there are also many dishonest suppliers who...

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Universal Garage Door Remote

Technology has done a lot in improving the life of man in the contemporary times. There are quite a good number of items produced to make life easy. Who would have believed that garage can be opened with a remote? There is nowadays universal Garage Door Remote for those who may need a second remote. As implicit from the name, universal garage door remote is designed to open a number of doors. It is more convenient to use this type of control rather than buying original remote for different doors of the garage. There is a motor...

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