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Skylink Group Designed and Manufactured OTODOR Automatic Swing Door Opener

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Skylink Group Designed and Manufactured OTODOR Automatic Swing Door Opener

Monday June 26, 8:00 am ET

SDO is Now Selling in Shoppers Home Health Care — Canada’s Largest Chain of Home Health Care Stores

TORONTO, June 26, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) — The Skylink(R) Group, a leader in access control products and wireless technology, introduces OTODOR(R) Automatic Swing Door Opener (SDO), an automated system that allows the homeowner to open and close an interior door without a push, pull and/or turn of a knob. This product is now available in Canada’s largest home health care chain — Shoppers Home Health Care.

“The beauty of this product lies in its simplicity,” said Philip Tsui, CEO of Skylink Group. “The Automatic Swing Door Opener (SDO) system requires zero effort to control the opening and closing of a door and is ideal for anybody looking for a more convenient way to move throughout their home. Other people who would benefit include seniors and anyone with limited mobility. The product is also ideal for Seniors Homes, Nursing Homes, and other Long Term Care Facilities.

The OTODOR(R) System can be mounted to any interior/exterior doors that are up to 36 inches wide and 90 Lbs. in weight. The model DM-50 package includes: a door operator, a four-button remote control (model 4B-TX), mounting accessories and an AC adapter, installation can be completed in less than 20 minutes with a single screw driver. The design is easy to install and ideal for the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Market.

The system can be programmed with the optional accessories such as wall button, keypad (password protected) and a motion sensor detector etc. These set-ups are ideal for the physically challenged, patients and senior citizens.

The four-button remote control can also be integrated with added receivers which can control household illumination and garage doors. The MSRP of the DM-50 is $299.99, an affordable product at a competitive price.

About Skylink

Skylink understands the needs and concerns of the homeowner in providing a safe haven and comfortable environment for their family. Established in 1990, Skylink has offices in Brampton, Ontario, Canada; Ontario City, California, U.S. and Hong Kong. RF Design, electronic design, software design, mechanical design and graphic design departments for new and existing product lines are housed in the Hong Kong offices. Skylink also owns a 58,000 square foot manufacturing facility in China. More information at http://www.skylinkhome.com or http://www.otodor.com. This release can also be viewed at http://www.pressreleasenetwork.com/newsroom

Skylink Group
Email: info@skylinkhome.com

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