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Residential Garage Door Openers

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Back in the day, a garage was separate from your home where you had to go outside, lift the garage door open with a handle at the bottom of the door, get in your car, drive out, stop the car, and then go back to pull it shut with a long cord that hung from the top of the door. Jump ahead to today, where garages are entire rooms, heated, decorated, attached to the home and remote control accessed.

Gone are the days of manually opening the garage door. Remote control garage door openers have been around for a while, but keep getting perfected. A simple device such as this, makes our lives so much more convenient. As we pull up to our homes, we can start opening the garage from the top of the street, so it is already open when we arrive, to pull right in. AAARemotes has been providing garage door openers since 1993, in conjunction with Mega Transmitters and Mega Access Controls Inc.

With products ranging from replacement remote control garage door openers to wireless and wired keypads, drivers can find any part they need. When using any remote control product, we want reliability. What good is it to us, or how much convenience does it offer, if it only works some of the time? When choosing AAARemotes stocks major brands such as Genie, Sears Craftsman, Stanley, Linear, Multicode, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Allister, Pulsar, Skylink or other major brands specific to your product. With low costs and same day delivery 95% of the time, customers are ensured a long lasting product, delivered quickly and without hassle.

Garage door openers are either belt drive, chain driven or direct drive with an average speed of 7 inches/drop per second. There are faster openers that open at double the speed – 14 inches/drop per second. All automatic garage door openers are mandated to contain a sensor beam to detect a person or object in the way of a closing garage door, which then causes the door to stop losing and reverse back to open. They are also required to have a manual emergency release cord, a time reversing feature, automatic lights and a force adjustment feature. Safety is an important aspect to anything that automatically closes or opens, and a garage door is no exception.

With remote control garage door openers, it is important to have a rolling radio signal code to prevent thieves from capturing the code and breaking in. The ease of opening the garage should not be an invitation for burglar to come in. When approaching home, do open your garage door too soon and when you are not in sight of the garage. Look around the area and garage before pulling in and look in your rear view mirror as you come to a stop. Keep the door to your home from inside the garage locked. And, before you close the garage door, look around the car on both sides to make sure an intruder has not entered the garage undetected behind you. These are safety precautions everyone should be aware of to protect their home and family.