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Linear Xtended range radio controls

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Linear Xtended range radio controls

Linear’s Xtended Range wireless receivers and transmitters are more than twice as powerful, 6 times more sensitive, and 3 times more immune to interference than the next best mid-range wireless equipment. Where Linear once offered the industry’s top range at 5 miles, they now go to 10 miles. Maybe 15, (they stopped testing at 20, and the signal showed no sign of quitting.) Xtended Range is the long-distance leader over the previous Linear mid-range line, and over everything else on the market.

• 2.5 times more powerful: Increased output capability from 4 watts to 10 watts minimum per channel, enabling more than double the operating range.

• 6 times more sensitive: Crystal controlled, FM-based receivers operate in CB band at 27.255 MHz (North America) and 26.995 MHz (International).

• 3 times more immune: Highly selective Xtended Range uses FSK rather than AM modulation, so it won’t pick up trash. Absence of typical FM interference makes it an ultra-reliable long-distance link.

• Size reduced: Surface mount technology packs maximum capability into minimum space, significantly boosting reliability.

• Fully Supervised: Xtended Range checks itself out, completely and automatically. Hourly status reporting.

• Low battery detection and reporting. Portal supervision.

• Field selectable “Auto Restore” causes momentary receiver output when transmitter input is activated.

• More Capability and Control: Form C NO/NC relay on receivers. Signal strength output measurable on the board. Transmitters have internal RF test button and transmission indicator. Receivers have both power and RF activity indication and RF signal audio output.

• More Security: Code clashes are unlikely – Xtended Range has 64,000 available codes. Receivers and transmitters housed in improved weather-resistant cases with adjustable strain relief bushing to secure and shield wiring.

• No Licensing: Xtended Range receivers and transmitters do not require FCC license or registration.

• Easy Installation: Designed for quick setup. DIP switches simplify system coding and mode changes and allow addition or replacement of transmitters without having to visit both sites.

Note: These products should not be used in life safety applications. FCC rules allow unlicensed high-power transmissions at or near the operating frequency of these products, which may interfere with, or disable, normal operation of these radios. Range data taken with 27.255 MHz product (domestic USA version). International and Canadian product (26.995 MHz) with reduced power output will have less range performance.

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