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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Garage Door Opener

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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are not the gadgets that they used to be many years ago. Now, they are more of a necessity for your garage and your home. There are so many options to choose from, you would be amazed at what you would find.

Before you venture out to buy one, here are some things that you need to know:

There are three different kinds of drives:

Chain drive – this style has been around for ages. Many people still use them and find them to be very valuable for their garage. However, when they are in operation, they will make noise. If there is a room directly above the garage, the noise can be heard from upstairs. On the other hand, if someone is in that room, at least they will know that someone is coming in.

Belt drive – These garage door openers use a rubber belt instead of a chain. They are so quiet that you can’t hear a pin drop. Because of that added convenience, these are a little more costly than the chain drive garage door openers.

Screw drive – These openers use parts in which the majority of them don’t move. You have to do little maintenance with this one. Also, it is rather easy to install, even if you’ve never installed one before.

With every good garage door opener comes safety. Nowadays, it is required that all openers have an element that prevents damage to objects when the door is closing. When it make contact with the object, the door will reverse and reopen. Once the object has been moved, you can close the door again and the garage door will come down completely.

Of course you will need lighting, especially when it’s dark. Most garages only have the light in the garage door opener, which can only serve in a limited capacity. If you need more light, look for one that uses 100 watt bulbs.

A keyless entry pad is good for those who cannot seem to keep up with their keys. All you need is a code to open the garage. There are also newer devices that only require your fingerprint. This is even better, especially for those who have a difficult time remembering a sequence of numbers.

For those who don’t want to get out of their vehicles to open the garage, remote controls are the next best thing for your garage door opener. Some have one or more buttons and can open one or more doors. A remote control is also convenient for those who may have limited functions of their legs.

Once you have customized what you need, you will feel safe going in and out of your garage with your new door opener.

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