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Garage Door Troubleshooting

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Garage Door Troubleshooting

It’s interesting how often people don’t think about their homes until something goes wrong; you don’t realize how important hot water is until the water heater breaks, you don’t think about your refrigerator until the motor burns out. Most probably never think twice about their garage until they need some garage door troubleshooting.

Having an automatic door opener is often a necessity for most homes; this isn’t just about convenience but it’s also about safety. Trying to open and close a heavy metal door manually can mean pulled muscles, if not worse. It’s also important to get to garage door troubleshooting as soon as there is a problem because this is a favorite point of entry for thieves and intruders; having the door unsecured can mean danger for the home and your family. However, garage door troubleshooting can be difficult on your own, if you’ve never done this before and aren’t an electrician!

To get you started with garage door troubleshooting, consider a few simple tips. One is that you want to understand the mechanisms of the system. Typically there is a motor that is attached to a chain which is attached to the door. This motor is usually operated by a remote. Depending upon what your door is doing, standard garage door troubleshooting shouldn’t be too difficult.

As an example, is one end of the door is up and doesn’t close properly, this may mean that the cable on one side is worn or the tension is out. Simply replacing the cable on this side can fix it properly. If the door opens or closes and then immediately begins doing the opposite, this may mean that the track is bent. Some simple garage door troubleshooting can help you to see if this needs replacing; if it is bent, it won’t hold the door in place and it will automatically open or close on its own.

Simple garage door troubleshooting can tell you what to do if it’s jammed. Usually this means the cable pulleys are broken or the spring cable itself is broken. In some cases it may be that the door itself is warped and so is getting stuck in the frame, but if it’s been working for some time then it’s more like a pulley or cable.

Worn rollers are also easy to diagnose with simple garage door troubleshooting. Usually this involves a popping sound as the door opens and closes. These can usually be replaced somewhat easily. Of course for the best and most accurate garage door troubleshooting, it’s good to call in a professional. He or she can inspect your door from top to bottom and find out what is broken or worn, and then replace this part alone. It’s often a waste to have the entire mechanism replaced since often it’s just a part or two that is inoperable. A professional will mean the right garage door troubleshooting and a safe replacement of those parts as well.

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