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Reach for the Skylink – Robb Report Vacation Homes – Feb/Mar 2006

Robb Report Vacation Homes Reach for the Skylink A full-service home security system offers more for less BY KAREN J. BANNAN Martial Maitam has his pick of home automation and alarm technology. The North Hills, Calif., resident is CEO of Marwest Access Controls, which sells merchandise that works in tandem with access controls. But when Maitam designed his own home security system, he did so using technology that cost three times less than what could be considered the industry standard. Maitam installed a new automated alarm system from Skylink Group, a wireless technology manufacturer based in Toronto....

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Radio Control Upgrade Kits

Between now and 2008, the military is supplying a new radio system to roughly 125 bases that uses the same frequency as the one relied upon by more than 90 percent of the remotely operated openers, Pentagon and industry officials say. The military radio signal is sometimes so strong that it overpowers the opener's signal, preventing the door from opening. Or it can also vastly reduce the opener's range, forcing the user to walk close to the garage before it will open. Unless another solution is reached, the consumer will either have to live with the inconvenience or pay...

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"Protecting Your Family When The Power Fails"

Recently, the unthinkable happened: 50 million Americans lost power in the largest blackout in U.S. history. In some areas it was days before full power was restored. Most people have experienced the nuisance of a short power outage, but what would happen if you, or worse, your child, used to entering your home with the aid of a keypad or remote control, was locked out due to a power outage?The Chamberlain Group, Inc., the world's largest manufacturer of garage door openers and accessories, has introduced a new garage door opener battery backup system to help ease homeowners' minds should a...

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Proximity Cards

Proximity cards transmit their information to the card reader without any physical contact. This provides an easy to use vandal resistant system. Access is granted when a valid card is presented to the card reader....

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Marantec Q-Line Garage Door Openers

[ back ] Q-Line Digital Residential Garage Door Opener The Marantec series of residential garage door opener systems are German- engineered and American-built by a company that has continually brought innovative access system designs and technology to the market for over 30years. The Q-Line® is a reliable system designed to perform, built to last and guaranteed to provide years of smooth, trouble-free operation. This superior system, featuring Digital Intelligence, Modularity, and HomeLink® compatibility coupled with it's sleek, contemporary look and new color in soft beige tones, meets the demands of what you would expect in a garage...

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Proposed Safety Legislation Causes Controversy

By Lauren Vasquezhttp://www.professionaldoordealer.com/ 03/31/2008 When the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) Reform Act popped up in Washington, D.C., last November, it contained several sections regarding consumer safety products - including a portion that attempts to clarify UL325 standards. If passed, it will be the first time Congress has stepped in to mandate safety standards to the garage door industry in more than 15 years. Some in the industry say this congressional directive is necessary, while others call lobbyists for the bill self-serving and disingenuous. But all agree that the current UL325...

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