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Marantec Q-7900 Garage Door Opener

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Marantec Q-7900 Garage Door Opener

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Q-7900 Digital Residential Garage Door Opener

1000 Newtons of power
 Heavy Duty DC motor and transformer provide the power necessary to smoothly move carriage house door systems. This unit provides more power than any other residential garage door opener system available today.

2mm Finished Steel Rail System
One piece, fully assembled, semi-closed, high strength drive, designed and built in Switzerland, that effortlessly opens and closes carriage house door systems. This drive system is complemented by a steel-reinforced elastomer belt.

Self Learning Force
Digital intelligence provides for automatic learning and setting of the up and down force providing for correct power utilization. A very key feature in the safe and proper operation of carriage house doors.

Modular Frequency System
Innovative concept where the receiver module is external to the opener and is simply plugged into the unit, making for quick and simple frequency changes. Modules available in 40MHz and HomeLink compatible 315MHz and 390MHz.

Two 2-channel Transmitters, Multi-function Wall Station and a Wireless Keyless Entry System are included as a complete set of accessories in the carriage house door opener package.


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A full line of accessories are available. Please visit our accessories page for a full description.

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