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Replacing Your Garage Door

Earl Rivard Garage doors are used regularly and are subject to much wear and tear. So sooner or later, you will have the need to replace your garage door. Nowadays, manufacturers of garage doors are offering numerous novel features that were not available in the past. The appearances of garage doors have improved dramatically over the past few years adding to the aesthetic value of your home. The erstwhile wooden doors are being replaced in favor of modern day materials like steel, which can be customized to...

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Residential Telephone Entry Systems

The RE-1 and RE-2 are residential and commercial grade telephone entry systems that allow the user to communicate with visitors at a remote location, where access is granted via the user’s touchtone telephone. In addition to its innovative design, the RE-1 and RE-2 contain all of the advanced features required for even the most demanding applications, such as time zones, built-in transaction log, integral learn mode radio receiver and an optional field upgradeable CCTV camera....

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Rising and shining

Earl Rivard Garage doors aren't boring anymore: They're part of an integrated home design. Garage door designs have become much more than the plain, cookie cutter styles. Garage doors take inspiration from a variety of sources – from the American farmhouse to a European design. As garages play a bigger role in home design — with three-car garages practically standard in some neighborhoods — the doors are changing, too. Gone are the days of the architecturally bland, cookie-cutter garage doors. Such doors have been replaced with ones that look like entrances to old...

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