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Stanley Garage Door Openers – Which One Is For You?

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Stanley Garage Door Openers – Which One Is For You?

The Stanley garage door opener brand has been around for many years. There are different kinds of garage door openers because not everyone will want the same ones for their garage.

Of course, most people will take advantage of having garage door opener remote control. This can be used to their benefit because they don’t have to get out of their vehicle to open the garage door(s). The Stanley garage door opener remote control transmitter has a five wire system and it can also work with a 10 dip switches code set. Since this is a newer version, it is also compatible with Stanley garage door openers that were manufactured from 1982 – 1995. This control transmitted uses lithium batteries that are made to last a long time. With this device, there is also a visor clip.

There is a Stanley garage door opener mini key-chain remote transmitter model. It also works with any door opener operators that are manufactured by Stanley. As with the device above, there are 10 dip switches. Along with this there is a mini-keychain. Since it is so small, this transmitter can be hooked to a woman’s purse or a motorcycle. It can also work with compatible wireless keypads.

The SecureCode garage door opener is also a keychain transmitter. It can be used with garage door openers that are under the SecureCode brand. However, the dip switch systems cannot be used because they are not compatible with the SecureCode brand. It only takes one touch for you to program it and the transmitter is the size of a mini keychain. It is battery operated and a battery is included with the transmitter.

There is also the Stanley garage door opener digital device. This device can be used on any automatic garage door opener. It can also be used on gates that people have to access in order to gain entry. For coding purposes, there are 10 dip switches. It can also be used with coding formats that are much older. It is easy to install with three prongs that are used to connect the digital garage door opener.

With these different garage door openers from the Stanley brand, you should be able to use at least one of them for your garage. This brand has been around for a long time and since it is compatible, you would not have a problem using them for your garage.

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