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RaceDeck Testimonials

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RaceDeck Testimonials

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“We are REALLY happy with the Race Deck flooring. It has made our shop look so much better. We drive forklifts, cars, dollies, jacks, and about everything else you can think of on it and we are happy with it.”
David Kirkham, President
Kirkham Motorsports

“I think the floor is an amazing product and has finally finished off my garage/workshop. I have tried all sorts of different ways to cover the floor to give me a finish that is practical but this product…
I have tried some of the most aggressive solvents I can find on it and it just doesn’t affect it at all, I have run the fork lift truck over it and still it is not affected. I have to say I am absolutely delighted with this product thanks very much hope to speak to you again sometime.”

Lots of thanks
Dave Lockett / UK

“…10 minutes after we opened the first box, we were Hooked! The easy-to-install nature of this floor really impressed us; a child could easily do it. (In fact, our assistant was only 7).With RaceDeck, we did not have to spend any time cleaning or preparing the floor, a nice advantage” (compared to epoxy/ paint).
Grassroots MotorSports Magazine
Tim Suddard-Editor

” ..Simply drop dead beautiful.Difficult to express just how proud I am of this asset. Now I don’t want to park my car or mower anywhere near it.it’s just too nice! Thanks for the great product and great service.”
Frank McNellis
Sebring, FL

“.Wow! In a matter of hours, my garage went from ordinary to ‘extraordinary’. I was amazed at how fast and easy RaceDeck was to install.”
Fred Kiamer
San Francisco, Ca

“..What a great product for MotorHeads like myself, who want to spruce up the garage.It was easy to install and made a world of difference..”
Bruce Whipple
GooseCreek, SC

“.RaceDeck is the ultimate for someone who spends time in their garage. It’s as easy to install as a kid’s snap-together toy; with color choices are from mild to wild (I chose wild).
T.J. Hayes

“I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the RaceDeck flooring. It looks great and did wonders to hide a very poor paint job on the concrete. Install was a snap, no pun intended, and even my youngest got into the swing of things helping with the edging and placement. Bank on referrals.”
Pat Jordan
San Diego, CA

“Wow, I called RaceDeck to ASK if they had a floor application that would allow for my snowmobiles with studs, and not only do they have multiple types of styles, but he said, “give me your address and I will send you some samples”! Now that is great service! He also mentioned that he had tiles for the trailer and is sending those as well. All I can say is that I WILL be doing business with these guys! Thanks RaceDeck!”
Steve Ferguson
Burr Ridge, IL

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