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Lift Bottom Bracket (pair)


Lift Bottom Bracket (pair)


Residential bottom bracket, with Milford pin, cable holding stud, bright galvanized steel finish, right and left, shipped in pairs. For use on inside bottom of bottom section, right and left side, of a residential overhead garage door, used to lift door with cables and support bottom roller. Instructions for replacing: Pulley, Sheave, Extension Spring, Cable, Bottom Roller, Lift Bottom Bracket, Safety Cables

  1. Raise the door to the “open” position and securely prop the door up with a 2×4 cut to the proper length or place a step ladder under the door.
  2. With the springs in a relaxed position and no tension on the cables, grasp the cable at the cable anchor point and disconnect by threading the cable end through the cable anchor bracket or by removing an “S” hook as shown in figure 2 below.
  3. Remove and replace the spring, cable, pulley, bottom roller, or lift bracket. Be sure to note how the cable goes over the stationary and through the spring pulley and back to the cable point. The length of cable under tension should be equal on both sides of the door for proper counterbalance. Securely fasten the cable and tighten all nuts and bolts before removing the 2×4 or ladder holding the door “open” or “up.” Do not stand under the door at any time. Replace the above parts on one side of the door at a time. If the door is not counterbalanced equally on both sides, repeat Step 1 and 2 above and increase or decrease the tension by changing the length of cable.
  4. Installation of Safety Cables: Install the safety cable by threading the non-looped end of the cable through a hole in the jamb angle or the horizontal angle as close as possible to the stationary pulley. Pull the cable through the hole and then thread the non-looped end of the cable through the loop on the other end of the cable. Draw up till tight. Lace the non-looped end of the cable through the inside of the spring and around or through a hole in the rear track hanger and fasten with the cable clamp. (“U” shaped bolt with saddle and two nuts) Allow sufficient slack in the safety cable to prevent any binding or excessive wear of the spring or the safety cable. Repeat the procedure on the other side. The safety cable should contain the extension spring in the event of spring or lift cable failure. Note: safety cables are not shown in figures.
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