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AAARemotes > HID Indala FlexKey Proximity Keytag Model FPKEY-SSSS-0000

HID Indala FlexKey Proximity Keytag Model FPKEY-SSSS-0000



HID Indala FlexKey Proximity (125 kHz) Keytag, Standard Flexpass Proximity Programmed (Low Frequency 125 kHz), Standard Printed Indala Logo Front and Standard (No Logo, Printed Strip for Marking) Back, Standard Marking Position (Back Side on Printed Strip).

The HID Indala Flexkey has a contemporary design enables it to be easily attached to a key, badge clip, or badge lanyard. The FlexKey is ideally suited for a variety of applications and environments including vacation resorts, locker rooms, health spas, apartment buildings, club houses, as well as commercial offices where photo IDs are not required.

The RF-programmable keytag features the high quality and security benefits you have come to appreciate in Indala 125 kHz credentials, through the use of FlexSecur authentication. With up to 172 user-definable bits, FlexKey permits the encoding of a wide range of data and information.

Exclusive FlexSecur Security Technology
All HID Indala 125 kHz Proximity Credentials feature FlexSecur technology, which provides an added level of access system security through a verification process at the reader. Solely an HID Indala product line feature, FlexSecur screens out unauthorized credentials prior to sending card data to the host system.

Key Features:

  • As with other Indala credentials, the FlexKey is compatible with all Indala readers, and can be easily encoded with the Indala ProxSmith® Programmer and toolkit.
  • This RF programmable, 125 kHz tag offers a consistent read range and is unaffected by body shielding or variable environmental conditions.
  • The passive, no-battery design allows for an infinite number of reads.
  • FlexKey® Flexibility and Convenience – Contemporary design enables it to be easily attached to a key, badge clip, or badge lanyard.
  • Rugged, Double-Sealed Construction – FlexKey is built to withstand harsh operating environments.
  • Customizable – FlexKey can be customized by adding a company logo.

Typical Maximum Read Range*
Slim/Wallswitch: 2″ (5 cm)
Mid-Range: 7″ (17 cm)
Long-Range: 16″ (40.64 cm)

1.725″H x 1.197″W x 0.215″T (43.8 mm x 30.4 mm x 5.46 mm)

Construction Outer Shell
Ultrasonic welded polycarbonate

Inner Shell
RF core shielded in epoxy


*Dependent on local installation conditions.

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