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HID EdgeReader Solo ESRP Edge Reader 83125 Model 83125BKI000



The HID EdgeReader Solo IP Access Solution puts control and user interface at the door — right inside the reader. The EdgeReader Solo ESRP40 will offer a cost-effective, stand-alone, single-door IP access control solution. This easy-to-use solution enables remote management and report generation via standard web browser. User information, administration, door configuration and retrieval of events are done through a user-friendly, instructional web environment. Bringing “Intelligence to the Door”, the flexible EdgeReader Solo ESRP40 includes an integrated multiCLASS reader. And the EdgeReader Solo ESRP40 IP Access Solution can be converted from stand-alone operation to a system reader for a host environment quickly and easily through the web browser. There is never a need to go to the door.

  • Control all functions for a single door and HID multiCLASS reader in one device with the same footprint as a traditional reader. Reads HID Prox, iCLASS®, DESFire® • ISO 15693 CSN (MyD, I Code, Tag It), ISO14443A CSN (MIFARE®), FeliCa™ CSN, Simple migration from HID Proximity to iCLASS.
  • Network access is CAT-5 for communications and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Eliminates the need for separate power supplies.
  • Built on the HID OPIN™ platform and managed from a standard web browser, the EdgeReader Solo can be easily migrated to a host environment.
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