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AAARemotes > Emergency Alert Dialer and Panic Remote Kit model MS2001

Emergency Alert Dialer and Panic Remote Kit model MS2001


SkyLink Personal Security Systems Emergency Alert Dialer and Panic Remote Kit model MS2001


Replaces Part Number ED-1010.

Emergency Alert Voice/Pager Dialer Two way communication, 3 direct access phone numbers for Speaker Phone operation. Remote receives phone calls and dials out direct access phone numbers by a press of a button.

Sends an emergency voice message to: pagers, cellular phones, offices, authorities, relatives, or friends.

Ideal for: assistance, protection & security, or anywhere that requires immediate emergency notification.

Same as the model (AD1010) but includes the model (4B434) transmitter.

  • 3 preset direct access phone numbers for 2 way communication.
  • Skylink’s Rolling Code System provides maximum security.
  • No monitoring fees.
  • Activated by transmitter or keypad.
  • Stores emergency voice message up to 40 seconds.
  • Tone/Pulse dialing.
  • 9 emergency telephone/pager number memories.
  • Dials each phone number up to 9 times.
  • Repeats emergency message to a telephone number up to 9 times.
  • Automatically overrides the occupied line for emergency call.
  • Programmable pause time for pager access.
  • Phone system selection (PABX or regular phone system).
  • Works with up to 16 Skylink remote sensors (available separately).
  • Programmable entry/exit delay.
  • Universal dial tone adapts to voice systems of all phone companies.
  • Operated by AC adapter with 6 1.5V backup batteries (not included).
  • Low battery indicator LED light.
  • Time clock display.
  • Back-lit keypad.

Emergency Dialers: Your Private Monitoring and Reporting Center helps you, your loved ones and your assets. Press the button to ask for help or monitoring your assets by yourself.

Application: For Senior Citizens, Disabled, evening workers, 24 hours stores, Guards, Jewelry stores, Banks…, works with Panic Transmitter or Security System…

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