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Elite HERCULES Overhead Gate Operator


Elite HERCULES Overhead Gate Operator


The Hercules overhead gate operator designed for parking garages. Hercules is carfullly engineered to operator without vibration or noise, unlike any other overhead gate operator on the market. Designed with quality in mind, Hercules has features that most companies have not even considered including on their overhead operators.It is equipped with a 40 to 1 gear reducer / box that is lubricated by an oil bath and provides smooth and very quiet operation. To further ensure quiet operation, the Hercules is equipped with four heavy-duty noise isolators. The high quality instant reversing parking gate motor is capable of continuous operational cycles per day and has digital overload motor protection. Hercules has a key release and there are no exposed components, therefore greatly reducing the risk of injury. Since Hercules is only 8 inches thick thinner than other overhead operators, it is a better and safer choice for all overhead gates, and the smartest choice for low clearance parking lot.

Features: Uses LEDs to indicate all input and output functions of thr gate operator.

ERD – if the gate hits a vehicle while opening, it stops, reverses 4 to 6 inches and stops again.

Digital Motor Protection – entrapment sensor shuts off the motor after it reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds, reverses direction for several inches, and stops.

Electronic Inputs – radio receiver, key switches, telephone entry system, computer input, fire dept. key switch & 3-push-button station.

Time – adjustable timer can be set from 3 to 60 seconds.

Power input On/Off switch – controls power input to the board with convenient switch.

Spike Suppressors – fast response time (50 nanoseconds) when subject to an impulse surge (lightning striker) up to 100 amps.

Alternate Outputs – with omni option board 3 push button command control, burglar alarm input and output.

Gate Traveling Time – adjustable by a precision mechanical device and electrical limit switch system.

Soft Stop – gate travels through the cycle at normal speed and comes to a stop slowly for more accurate gate cycles. Equipped with integrated time delay for long mechanical life expectancy.

Integrated Loop Detector – easy to install, modular, plug in loop detector.

Power Management – board includes electronic power management with over current shutdown and automatic recovery.

Burglar Alarm – with omni option board, interfaces with existing home alarm or alarm output.

3 Push Button Control – on board gate operator control for close, stop and open.

Motor Drive – Solid-state electronic motor drive system is incorporated into board.

Safety Alarm – if the gate hits an object twice while opening or closing, the system will shut down and alarm will sound for five minutes. After five minutes the system will automatically reset itself. To reset the system during the five minutes, a manual reset button must be used.

120 VAC Power – built in 120 VAC power receptacle (NEMA 5-15).

Elite HERCULES comes in 3 configurations: Hercules 8 feet high (Standard), Hercules 10 feet high (Model 12), Hercules 12 Feet High(Model 14).

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