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AAARemotes > Eagle Dual 3/4 HP Heavy Duty Commercial Fail-Secure Slide Gate Operator

Eagle Dual 3/4 HP Heavy Duty Commercial Fail-Secure Slide Gate Operator


Eagle Dual 3/4 HP Heavy Duty Commercial Fail-Secure Slide Gate Operator

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Apartment buildings, gated communities, industrial sites-anywhere there are big gates and a lot of traffic, Eagle-APT is the best operator for the job.

The Eagle-APT series of operators is designed and built for the busiest sites, delivering the rugged durable power you need for these demanding applications. Install Eagle-2000-APT for reliable power.

Installation is made simple with the advanced features you most often need standard on every operator. Features like Stop-Reverse, allowing your transmitter to work like a 3-button station or Motor Brake for added control on downhill applications.

Master/Slave operation has never been easier. Just two wires provide full communication and Global Inputs between the master and slave operators. Connect any accessories to either the master or slave and the Diamond Control Board does the rest.

Standard Features
2-Wire Master/Slave with Global Inputs
Open/Close Delay
One Pass (No Tailgate)
Motor Brake
24 VDC Output for MAG Lock
24 VAC Auxiliary Power Output
Partial Open
Auto-Close Timer (1-60 sec.)

Gate Capacity & Operation
Rated Continuous Duty
Maximum Gate: 500 lbs & 22 ft
12" Per Second Travel
Eagle 2000-APT
Maximum Gate: 2,000 lbs & 50 ft.
Eagle 2000-APT-1.5HP
Maximum Gate: 2,500 lbs & 50 ft.
Eagle 2000-APT-DM
Maximum Gate: 2,000 lbs & 50 ft.
High Traffic Application

Manual Release
Fail-Secure (FSC): Use Crank to open
Eagle 2000-APT
Eagle 2000-APT-1.5HP
Eagle 2000-APT-DM

Chain: #40 Nickel Plated (20′)
Gear Reducer: Size 60
Cover: All-Weather/UV Resistant (HDPE)
Chassis: 1/4" Zinc Plated Steel
to Resist Corrosion
Power Disconnect (1/2 HP)
Auxiliary 120 VAC Power Outlets (2)

No-Weld Chain Brackets
UHMW Silent Idler Wheels
Audio Alarm
Pre-Wired Receiver Terminal
Hand Crank (FSC Models Only)

26" (h) x 18" (w) x 17" (d)

Shipping Weight
Eagle-2000-APT: 150 lbs
Eagle-2000-APT-1.5HP: 175 lbs
Eagle-2000-APT-DM: 185 lbs

1 HP Continuous Duty AC
115 VAC @ 60 HZ 10.5 AMP
Eagle 2000-APT-1.5HP
Dual 3/4 HP Continuous Duty AC
Synchronized Operation
115 VAC @ 60 HZ 16.6 AMP
Eagle 2000-APT-DM
Dual 1 HP Continuous Duty AC
Motor 1 to Open /
Motor 2 to Close
115 VAC @ 60 HZ 10.5 AMP

Operating Classification
Class I, II, III & IV

UL 325 and UL 991
ETL Listed

5-Year Limited (Commercial)
7-Year Limited (When Used in
Residential Application)

Power II Battery Backup
Provides up to 40-80 Cycles

Installation Instructions
Easy to follow instructions. Available in Spanish.
Las instrucciones de la instalación disponibles en Español.

(Specifications subject to change)

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