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Eagle 100 1/2 HP Residential Swing Gate Operator


Eagle Model 100 1/2 HP Residential Swing Gate Operator

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The Eagle-100 is our especially designed 1/2 HP swing gate opener for residential applications. The Eagle-100 combines smooth and quiet operation with the power and durability necessary for residential applications. This model is manufactured in the USA with dedication to safety, precision performance, and highly durable construction. Eagle Access Controls uses the latest in technology to provide you with the safes and most efficient operator for your money. The Eagle-100 model is strong and dependable operator and ideally suited for residential applications.

Slave and Master Operation
The Eagle Diamond Control Board uses a unique Master/Slave system that requires only two wires. In addition the Diamond board has global inputs. These inputs give the installer the option to connect accessories to the Maser or to the Slave. Another stand out feature on the Diamond board is the “open and close delay.” This function is easily selected on the Slave board.


Diamond Control Board – The unique Diamond board uses state of the art technology combined with easy of use to provide many exceptional new features that cannot be found on any other board.

2 Wire Maser/Slave – The Diamond board uses a unique Master/Slave system that requires only two wires.

Motor Brake – If the on position is selected, the gate will stop instantly when it reaches the limit switches. This is essential on uphill/downhill applications and on all Fail Safe operations.

One Pass – This tailgating feature works with the reverse loop to allow only one car to pass. After the car passes the gate closes instantly, if a second car approaches the gate stops, and resumes closing once the car has left.

Stop-Reverse – This radio feature allows the transmitter to work as a three-button station and is useful for partial opening. The first command opens the gate, the second stops the gate, and the third command will close the gate.

Timer – The adjustable timer can be set from 1 to 60 seconds, with a maximum run time of 60 seconds.

Overload – If the motor reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds, it will automatically shut down.

Receiver – The receiver terminal is mounted on the control box for easy installation and is pre-wired for a 3-wire or 4-wire receiver.

Stainless Steel Access Door – Offers full access to the control board through the locking stainless steel door.

ERD – If the gate hits an obstruction while closing, it will re-open. If it hits an obstruction while opening, it will stop, reverse 6 inches and stop again. The sensitivity is adjustable separately for the open and close cycles.

Global Inputs – The Diamond board’s Global Inputs include key switch, keypad, exit loop, phantom loop, reverse loop, edge sensor, open, stop, and close.

Outputs – Outputs include on board 24 VDC for MAG Lock, alarm, and 24 VAC auxiliary power.

Safety Alarm – If the gate hits an object twice while closing or opening, the system will shut down for 5 minutes. On the Diamond board you have two options for reset mode. Selecting the off position will require a manual reset of the board if the previous happens. However, by selecting the on position, the system will automatically reset itself.

120 VAC Power Outlets – The operator contains two 120 VAC Power Outlets for the users convenience.

Dimensions – 28” (h) x 18” (w) x 15”

Operating Classification – Class I, II, III & IV.

Power on/off Switch – The operator has an easily accessible power disconnect switch that allows for easy installation and service.

Power – 1/2 HP Continuous Duty AC, 115 VAC @ 60 HZ 5.7 AMP.

No Pinch Arm – This safety features prohibits the arm from extending past the operator’s body when the arm is in the fully extended position.

Gate Opening – Can operate to either the left or right side.

Warranty – Five Year residential use.

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