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Doorking Model 9070 1/2 HP Fail Safe Residential Slide Gate Operator

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The Model 9050 and 9070 operators are designed to operate vehicular slide gates in residential and light-duty commercial applications only. These operators are designed so that they can easily be mounted in the front, center or rear of the gate without any costly and time consuming field modifications. In addition, the operators can be pad or post mounted to meet any installation requirements.

Model 9070 Maximum gate length 22-feet. Maximum gate weight 500 pounds*. (*Assumes gate is on level ground, in good condition with properly adjusted hardware. Other external factors may affect the performance of the gate operator.) 1/2 HP continuous-duty motor. 115 VAC, 5.4 Amps. Operator is shipped with chain brackets and 20-feet of #41 chain. Class I and Class II applications. Compliant with UL 325 and 991. ETL listed. (Note: To be compliant with UL 325 and industry safety guidelines, a secondary entrapment prevention device(s) is required to be installed with this gate operator. Your professional DKS system installer can provide you with more details on these devices and on current industry safety standards.) Dimensions: 12″W x 24″H x 11.5″


Self-adjusting, no maintenance limits.
Ports for plug-in loop detectors.
Two convenience outlets.
Fail-safe release (fail-secure optional).
Programming switches.
Built-in reset switch.
Built-in power On/Off switch.

• Single family residential gate operator

• Advanced microprocessor control board eliminates mechanical relays, limit switches and reversing contactors.

• Automatic limit settings means no limit switch adjustments – ever

• Doorking’s plug-in loop detectors simplify wiring and make installation easy

• The two-stage electronic and mechanical self-checking inherent reverse system makes these operators the safest on the market.

• Patented fail-safe release system locks the gate if an attempt is made to force it open, but allows the gate to be simply pushed open during power outages without the need of any cranks, keys or other releases device (which more often than not cannot be located when needed). This is a must have feature for safety and quick emergency access, and is required by Fire Department in many parts of the country.

• Maximum gate weight is 500lbs, maximum length is 22ft

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