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AAARemotes > Doorking Model 1812 Flush Steel Telephone Entry System

Doorking Model 1812 Flush Steel Telephone Entry System


Doorking Model 1812 Flush Steel Telephone Entry System


DoorKing’s Model 1812 is a unique communication system that allows a homeowner to utilize their telephone as an intercom to speak to a front door or entry gate without the need of installing an additional central office phone line. When a guest places a call by pressing the “Call” button on the 1812, the telephone in the house will ring with a distinctive “double ring” to differentiate the call from a normal incoming phone call. Once communication is established, the homeowner can grant their guest access by pressing 9 on their telephone, or they can deny access by simply hanging up. The call waiting feature built into the 1812 assures that guest calls or incoming telephone calls are not missed if the telephone is in use. Additionally, call forwarding lets the homeowner send calls from the 1812 to another location.

The 1812 is now available with Auto-Programming software. This software package allows you to program all functions of the 1812 with a PC. Now you can set time zones, do-not-disturb times, automatic open times and more right from your PC!

The 1812 uses a state-of-the-art microprocessor that controls all functions of the system. Full duplex communication assures clear two way voice communication. A built in clock calendar, which has its own standby power source, provides time related functions such as automatic relay activation, entry code time zones, “flash” entry codes and Do Not Disturb time zones.

With its small compact size, outstanding features and simple yet durable design, the 1812 is ideal for single residence applications.

  • Single line telephone entry systems
  • Tenants can give access to guests via their existing telephone
  • Residential Telephone Intercom System PC Programmable
  • No dedicated central office phone line required. Unit connects directly to existing phone line
  • Special intercom mode allows unit to be connected to a KSU or PBX system
  • Full duplex circuitry provides crisp and clear communications
  • Control Two Entry Points, Two dry contact relays provide control of vehicular and pedestrian gates
  • Built In Time Clock
  • Provides automatic relay activation for “hold open” periods
  • Entry code time zones, flash entry codes
  • Do Not Disturb time zones
  • Call waiting and call forwarding features assure no calls are missed
  • Double ring identifies call from entry system
  • Vandal and weather proof steel housing, stainless steel faceplate and keypad
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