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BFT JOINT Residential Swing Gate Operator


BFT JOINT Residential Swing Gate Operator


JOINT: provides an indispersable automation system for swing gates installed on particulary large pillars. The drive arm with its special anti-shearing shape allows the leaves to be moved when the controller is positioned well away from their fulcrum. The irreversible electromechanical reduction gear keeps the gate locked in the closing and opening positions. The emergency release mechanism is carried out by operating the release lever of each controller, located inside the hatch which is provided with a personalized key. Joint must be combined with a control unit with a torque limiter such as the Aries model control unit. The adjustable limit microswitches and capacitor are connected to the motor.

Technical features
Operator JOINT
Voltage 120V ± 10% 60Hz (*)
Power 300 W
Absorption 1.7 A
Thermal protection 266°F self-resetting (130°C)
Lubrication permanent grease
Reduction ratio 1-812
Opening time 90° 15 seconds
Max. leaf weight 441 lb/8.20 ft – 552 lb/6.56 ft (200kg/2.5mt 250kg/2mt)
Max. leaf length 8.2 ft (2.5mt)
Impact reaction electric clutch (4 motor torque positions)
Drive lever arm
Control unit ARIES model
Manual release door with personalized key
Number of cycles 100/24th (12-15 consecutive cycles)
Working temperature 5° +140°F (-15° +60°C)
Protection NEMA 1 (IP 44)
Controller weight 35 lb (16kg)
(*) Special control board supply voltages on request

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BFT Joint Swing Gate Operator Design Schematics

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