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BFT ICARO Commercial Sliding Gate Operator


ICARO Commercial Sliding Gate Operator


Automation for rack sliding gates weighint up to 4,400 lb (2000 kg), condominiums and commercial buildings

User’s Manual

Commercial sliding gate operators are stocked for various weights, lengths and types of sliding gates. To recommend a suitable automation or parts for a commercial gate system we require information on the application, the site, duty cycle, size, weight, design of gate, the level of security required, opening speeds and budget available. BFT also carries a Rolling Center gate hardware range of products manufactured in Italy. These items include the gate tracks, wheels, rollers, guides, stops and cantilever gate hardware. The cantilever hardware provides a secure gate system eliminating the need for the ground track, eliminating the possibility of derailment and is available in three versions for gate openings to 15m. The BFT Italian manufactured commercial sliding gate operators are stocked in the single phase and three phase versions. Inverters are available for the three phase versions to increase the speeds and enable three phase units to be powered from single phase power supplies.

  • Maximum safety with antisquash protection
  • Control panel preset for management either by means of the UNIPRO universal programmer, or built in LCD display
  • Integrated high security rolling code receiver
  • Auto set feature: automatically preset of working parameters
  • Maximum performance and continuous service offered by ICARO irreversible gearmotor
  • Design and convenience: major aesthetic innovation and greater casing sturdiness
  • Safe manual release made simple by means of the new ergonomic knob
  • Maximum safety with anti-squash protection, thanks to a microprocessor which guarantees innovative torque control and obstacle detection
  • Improved accessibility and management of the control panel, having the control board fitted to the front and a display for programming
  • Diagnostic and statistical functions through the display
  • Control board preset for management by means of the UNIPRO universal programmer
  • Rolling code receiver and 64 codes inside the control board
  • WIth parameter autoset option for braking, torque and anti-squash functions.


model limit switch control board teeth pinion leaf speed max leaf
ICARO electromechanical included 18 29ft/min (9m/min) 4400lb (2000 kg)
ICARO PROX inductive included 18 29ft/min (9m/min) 4400lb (2000 kg)
ICARO inductive included 25 29ft/min (9m/min) 2200lb (1000 kg)
ICARO PROX inductive included 25 39ft/min (12m/min) 2200lb (1000 kg)

BFT ICARO Commercial Sliding Gate Operator Schematic Design

Technical features
Operator ICARO
Power Supply 120 V ± 10%, 60 Hz single-phase
Absorbed power 750 W
Thermal protection integrated
N° of cycles in 24 hr continuous duty
Impact reaction electronic clutch with encoder
Manual release mechanical release knob with personalized key
Control panel LEO see below
Type of limit switch electromechanical or inductive
Environmental conditions from 5° to 140°F (-15°C to +60°C)
Actuator weight 55 lb (~ 25 kg)
Dimensions see figure
LEO Control Panel
Control panel for the management of an electromechanical single-phase actuator with a power of up to 750 W and without torque setting option.
3 and 4 step logics with automatic or semi-automatic operation and hold-to-run control. Adjustable electrodynamic braking. Rapid closing function. Pedestrian access input. Supports the EELINK protocol. Digital setting of parameters and logics. Visualization of the set values on an intergrated multilingual display. Autoset MENU for the automatic identification of hte minimum torque requested for opening and closing, encoder sensitivity and braking. Reset menu for the original configuration set by the manufacturer (default). Self-diagnosis function. Management of statistical parameters. Management of wire connected centralized systems (master/slave system) with up to 127 zones. Adjustable pedestrian access. Separate opening and closing inputs. Separate inputs for photocell safety devices and electric edge. Clock input. Built-in rolling-code receiver and 64 codes. Universal coupling for radio receiver. Extractable terminal bars for easier installation, maintenance or replacement operations.

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