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AAARemotes > BFT ELI250 Residential Underground Swing Gate Operator

BFT ELI250 Residential Underground Swing Gate Operator


BFT ELI250 Residential Underground Swing Gate Operator

ELI 250: Basic version with 120° opening within 32 sec.
ELI 250-V: High-speed version for the motorisation of leaves with a max. length of 6.50 ft (2 mt) and max. weight of 330 lb (150 kg) 120° opening within 16 seconds.
ELI 250: can be used for any type of swing gate with leaves not heavier than 660 lb (300 kg) and not longer than 8.2 ft (2,5 mt) or with a length of 11.50 ft (3,50 mt) provided that the weight of the leaves does not exceed 550 lb (250 kg). For leaves longer than 8.2 ft (2,5 mt) it is recomended to install an electric lock.
ELI 250: consists of a perfectly sealed single-block reduction gear. Once the bearing case is installed, the gate can be operated even without fitting the actuator which can be inserted later. When maintenance is required, this type of case allows the actuator to be taken out without removing the gate leaf. BTCF 120: Universal foundation box for ELI250.
BTCF 120 INOX: Universal foundation case for ELI 250 in stainless steel.
E180: 180° opening kit (ELI 250 only)
Technical features
Operator Eli 250
Power supply single phase 110 V ± 10% (*), 60Hz
Absorbed power 270 W
Absorbed current 1,4 A
Opening time 120° 32 sec
Max torque 380 Nm
Impact reaction electronic clutch
Control board Aries
Manual maneuver release key
Lubrication permanent grease
Degree of protection NEMA 3 (IP 67 AM) Control panel: The adjustment of the pushing force of ELI 250 is made by mean of the Aries control unit which features electric torque setting. This control unit also provides leaf closing delay setting for a correct movement sequence. The Aries control unit is also available with pedestrian access. ARIES: technical features Power supply: 120 V ± 10% 60 Hz Absorption: 0.5 A max Output power for accessories: 24 Vac 6 VA max Max relay current: 8 A Max power of motors: 0.15 HP x 2 Torque limiter: transformer with 4 settings Limit switch: Adjustable working time Cabinet protection: IP 54 Working temperature: -4 +130°F (-20°C +55°C)

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