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BFT DEIMOS BT KIT Residential Slide Gate Operator


DEIMOS BT Residential Slide Gate Operator


Electromechanical 24Vdc operator for rack sliding gates weighing up to 1100 lb (500 Kg), residential use.

BFT Deimos Slide Gate Operator Installation Instructions

BFT Deimos Slide Gate Operator User Manual

BFT RESIDENTIAL SLIDING GATE OPERATORS The Italian manufactured BFT brand of residential sliding gate automations are available ex stock with more than 10 models to suit all sizes and weights of residential gates. We provide the Rolling Center range of gate hardware imported from Italy consisting of tracks, wheels, guides, rollers, stops and cantilever hardware to assist in the manufacture of the gate to ensure perfect rolling without unnecessary friction or load.

  • Easy to install
  • Includes 2 TRC2 double-channel rolling code transmitters, one pair of photocells FL130, and 1 AEL 433 Antenna with 13 ft (4mt.) cable.
  • Electronic antisquash device
  • 24V dc motor
  • Manual emergency release – knob also available with customized key
  • Easy access to internal components during installation and maintenance
  • Optional battery back-up
  • QSC – Control panel includes the receiver and has the following functions:
    • 2 or 4 step functioning logic
    • pedestrian access
    • gate open warning light
    • 2nd radio channel
    • photocell cut-out on opening
    • impulse block opening
    • automatic closing time
    • separate adjustment of drive torque limiter during opening and closing phases
    • operation time adjusted by timer

DEIMOS BT KIT is a low voltage irreversible gearmotor, which offeres great versatility and extreme safety.

  • Design and practicality: great aesthetic innovation and improved guard solidity.
  • Safe and simplified manual release by means of the new ergonomic knob.
  • Anti-squash safety provided by a special electronic device adjustable both on opening and closing.
  • In case of power supply failure, operation is guaranteed by a back up battery unit (SB BAT) inside the motor casing (sold separately)
  • Easier access to the control panel provided by the control board located on the front.
  • Built-in double-channel rolling code receiver.
  • Control panel prearranged for the EElink protocol.

Technical features
Operator DEIMOS BT
Single-phase power supply 120 V ± 10%, 60Hz
Motor 24 Vdc
Absorbed power 70 W
Max. leaf weight 1,100 lb (500 Kg)
Output revolutions 79 min-1
Pitch 4 mm (14 teeth)
Leaf Speed 40 ft/min (12m/min)
Impact reaction electronic torque limiter
Manual release mechanical release with knob
Control panel QSC
Type of limit switch electromechanical or inductive
Environmental conditions from 5°F to 140°F (-15° to +60°C)
Degree of protection IP 24
Operator weight 15 lb (~ 7 kp)
Dimensions see figure
Back up battery kit sold separately

BFT Residential Sliding Gate Operator Schematic Design

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