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MK-2MCD, PanTilt B&W Video Entry – QuikSpec MK, KB, KC Spec Page

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MK-2MCD, PanTilt B&W Video Entry – QuikSpec MK, KB, KC Spec Page

Specifying a Video Door Entry System

Tell us about your application by answering the following questions and we’ll provide you with an list of Aiphone products to meet your requirements.

To specify a different type of system, click here. This page will specify the MK, MY, MY/IE Black & White systems or the KC and KB Color Video systems, depending on the features and capacity of the system being designed.

Refer to our Terminology page for a complete definition of each type of intercom station.

Step 1: General Application Information

In what type of application will the system be used?

Step 2: Color or Black & White:
Does the system require Color or B&W video?

Step 3: Door/Gate Station(s):
Audio/Video Stations:
How many audio/video door/gate stations are required?

Door station mounting? 

Vandal resistant?  Yes No

Audio-only Door Station:
Is an audio-only door station required?: 

Step 4: Inside Station(s):
How many monitor/handset stations are required? 

Wall mount or desk mount?
How many handset only stations are required?

Step 5: Optional Features (Check all that are required)

Selective Door Release
Picture Memory Unit
Composite Video Output
Motion Detector Camera Activation
CCTV Camera Input
Chime Extension
External Signaling

Step 6: Specify The System:
By pressing the “QuikSpec It!” button below, an Aiphone Video system equipment list will appear based on your input requirements. To change capacities, style of stations, or features of the system you are designing, simply make the change on the form above and press the “QuikSpec It!” button again.

NEW! Step 7: Your System:
After your system is specified, click on the “QuikDraw” logo near the bottom of the page to view an installation diagram of your system. A “QuikDraw” logo will only appear if the system you’ve specified has a drawing associated with it.

NOTE: This is a system design aid only. Final design, quantities, features and functions of the system is the sole responsibility of the person receiving this quote. To ensure that the wire type and wiring distances of your system are within specifications, go to the corresponding system’s product page (K-series Color Video, or MK, MY-series Black & White Video.) Use the appropriate Aiphone wire for your system, which offers an additional one year warranty.

For additional assistance with design or installation of your system, please contact Technical Support.

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