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ME-111 Miller Edge Barrier Gate Arm Safety Edge

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ME-111 Miller Edge Barrier Gate Arm Safety Edge

Miller Edge ME-111 Barrier Gate Arm Safety Edge

This touch sensitive switch can be adapted to suit a wide variety of barrier gate operator applications. It is manufactured to user specifications for length, sensitivity and outlet location. When touch activated, the ME-111 sends an immediate signal to the barrier gate operator to stop and/or reverse operations depending upon your particular application.


Color: Black(standard)
Length: Per specification to nearest 1/4″,max=15ft.
Sensitivity: 8psi – standard
Lead Wire: 6 ft. SJO 24 gauge – standard
Wire Outlet Location: specify right hand,left hand or end
Electrical Requirements: 24 volts, 1/2amp AC/DC power.
Wiring Diagram: 2-wire, N.O.
Contact Element Alumaglas®
Mounting Channel: High density PVC
Material: Extruded flexible PVC
Temperature Range: -30°F to +140°F


  • 4 Wire self monitoring
  • Soft Ends
  • Coil Cord attached
  • 4 wire controller (FS-27A)
  • 2 wire intrinsically safe controller (IS-26-2)
  • 4 wire intrinsically safe controller (FSIS-25-4)
  • Pneumatic (MEP-111)
  • Mounting Channel Designs (see below)

MillerEdge Barrier Gate Safety Edge Mounting Channel

Click here to view installation instructions
Click here to view literature

Installation: Place appropriate ME-111 mounting channel in desired location. Drill 1/8” holes through channel and into mounting surface every 24″. Attach channel to surface with screws. Slide ME-111 SensingEdge™ into channel and wire to controls. See accessories for channel information.
Note: For safe operation, use maximum 24 volt AC or DC power. Overload can cause damage.

Care: Minimal care is required for the ME111 since it is manufactured with only the most durable materials and the highest quality control standards. However, SensingEdges™ must be examined once per month for cuts or punctures which could damage internal components. With the SensingEdge attached and the door open place a 1″ thick wood block on the floor in the door’s path at approximately the center of the door. Activate the opener. The door opener must reverse and open the door when it strikes the wood. If it does not, a qualified technician must adjust, repair or replace the necessary parts. Check wiring to be sure connections are secure. Check reversing mechanism often to assure integrity of operations. When properly maintained, the ME111 offers years of trouble free operations.

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