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Marantec Garage Door Opener Technological Edge On The Market

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Marantec Garage Door Opener Technological Edge On The Market

Gurnee, Illinois, March 16, 2005. — The Department of Defense is in the process of activating its Motorola “Smart Zone LMR” radio system which has been designed for use in national security and military communications throughout the continental United States (please see attached Public Notice”). Additionally, this communication system will be used by all police and fire departments throughout the U.S.. The system, which utilizes the 390 MHz frequency band, may conflict with the operation of garage door openers operating at this MHz band. The government is not accepting any financial responsibility for garage door openers made potentially inoperable by the national rollout of this system. Already there have been instances where the switch by the government has taken place with corresponding problems of performance of 390MHz garage door openers.

Marantec America Corporation has been successfully selling a complete line of DC garage door opener systems utilizing the 315MHz frequency for years. In addition, our complete line of external receivers in the 315MHz range provides an immediate and simple solution to the 390MHz interference problem. These receivers, which are currently in stock, will work with any AC or DC installed garage door opener which is activated by a wired door bell type device. External receivers for gate systems are also available. These receivers come complete with power supply, connecting wire and transmitter which can be used to teach the HomeLink system the new code. Additional transmitters and wireless keyless systems are also available.

There are approximately 40 million garage door opener systems currently installed, most of which are based on the 390MHz band. We urge you to be pro-active and contact your install base, inform them of the problem and offer them the opportunity to convert to the 315MHz system now. This preventative action by your company is fair to the homeowner, helps him in advance of the problem, and will reduce the mad rush that undoubtedly will occur when the communication system is activated in your area. In order to assist you in taking advantage of this business and public relations opportunity, Marantec will provide its 315MHz External Receiver Kit at the discounted price of $32 for the next 6 months. Those among you who have installed Marantec 390MHz modular garage door opener systems in 2001-2002 can refer to the attached sheet for additional information and our offer to you and your affected homeowners.

Other manufacturers are still selling 390MHz units but will be moving to the same 315MHz frequency used by Marantec or to another frequency below 390MHz. Our complete line of 315 MHz garage door openers are available to you today.

Why should your customers wait for modular fixes to be brought to the market when Marantec has its 315 MHz product line and 315MHz receivers available now for immediate delivery?

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager or our Customer Service department at 800-948-3994 for additional information. Or take a look at the FCC Public Notice

Marantec America manufacturing headquarters, located at 5705 Centerpoint Court, Gurnee, IL 60031, has a broad range of attractive residential garage door openers and accessories including: MLine 4500 and 4700, QLine 7500 and 7700, Aztec 4500 and 4700, and the QLine 7900 Carriage House Garage Door Opener. Marantec America products are sold throughout the Americas.

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