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LOCMATIC Automatic Lock for Garage Door Openers FAQ

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LOCMATIC Automatic Lock for Garage Door Openers FAQ

Posed by Door Dealer Installers (DDIs) to Marantec Sales Personnel

Q1. What does Locmatic do?
A1. Locmatic works with a Locmatic-ready Marantec Garage Door Opener (GDO) to:

  • Automatically lock a sectional roll-up garage door every time it is closed; and
  • Automatically unlock it when it is opened.

Q2. How is Locmatic of benefit to my customers?
A2. The Marantec-Locmatic (ML) combination will enable your customers to:

  • Have the peace-of-mind assurance that their home’s largest and most commonly used access door is automatically locked every time it is closed;
  • Eliminate the inconvenience of using manually operated locks and the risk of damaging their garage door (when GDO is activated while door is locked); and
  • Have the convenience (of an automated garage door) plus the security (of a lock) – so they no longer have to give up one to have the other.

Q3. Why do my customers need or want locks for their automated garage doors?
A3. As law enforcement, security and insurance professionals constantly remind us:

  • A closed door is more secure than an open door; and
  • A locked door is more secure than an unlocked door.

Q4. Doesn’t the GDO lock the garage door?
A4.GDOs automatically open and close garage doors, but they don’t lock them. That’s why automated garage doors are typically equipped with manually operated locks (such as slidebars, padlock hasps, etc.)

Are you aware of any DDI or GDO manufacturer representing to consumers that GDOs lock garage doors?

Q5. If a GDO is not enough to secure a garage door, can’t I just recommend that my customers rely on manually operated locks?
A5. As many frustrated consumers can attest, using manually operated locks to secure automated garage doors results in a mismatch that:

  • Interferes with and diminishes GDO convenience (automated garage door must be manually unlocked before it is opened and manually locked after it is closed); and
  • Frequently results in costly damage to the garage door and/or GDO (when the GDO is activated while the door is still locked.) There is an added risk of damage for consumers using GDOs that can be activated by military radio transmissions.

Q6. Will Locmatic work with all GDOs?
A6. Locmatic only works with a Locmatic-ready Marantec GDO.

Q7. Can Locmatic help me grow my business?
A7. Yes. You can capitalize on Marantec-Locmatic’s breakthrough solution and competitive advantage to improve your company’s sales, market share, revenue and profitability?

Because Locmatic only works with Locmatic-ready Marantec GDOs, this will enable you to sell more high-margin Marantec GDOs.

For example, when you are competing for a sale to a customer who is not yet sure they want, need or can afford Locmatic it still makes more sense to choose a Marantec GDO that is Locmatic- ready so the customer still has the option of adding Locmatic in the future – but the customer would forgo that option with any other brand of GDO.

Should your customer decide to go forth with a Locmatic-ready MAC GDO and install Locmatic at a future time, you can point out the cost savings of installing Locmatic at the same time the Marantec GDO is installed versus an additional service call to install it in the future and may even want to offer a special packaged price as an inducement or incentive for your customer to go forth with the ML installation at the same time.

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