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Gate Operator Loop Vehicle Detectors

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Gate Operator Loop Vehicle Detectors

Gate operator vehicle loop detectors provide customers with a safety detector that can prevent accidents which occur when power outages cause vehicle access control systems to reset their logic boards. They incorporate an advanced micro-controller that combines a powerful digital computer and the latest and most advanced inductive vehicle loop technology to give high-test reliability and accuracy when measuring, counting or detecting vehicles when passing through any residential or commercial gate operator. This ability helps avoid unexpected gate operations such as the raising or lowering of gate arms, sliding gate operation, motorized teeth and barricade actuation. It is highly suggested that a wider application of vehicle loop detectors be added to gate operators, whether it be industrial, commercial or residential, to suppress the operation of heavy gates and vehicle barricades to prevent accidental closings or raisings when authorized vehicles move through vehicle access control systems. Typical digital loop detectors hold a gate open until the last part of a vehicle has passed the closing loop, located beyond the gate. The detector then gives a pulse on departure, instructing the gate to close after the vehicle has passed. For more gate operator safety products and vehicle identification systems, Click here.

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