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Genie Garage Door Opener – Excelerator Troubleshooting

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Excelerator Troubleshooting

What if the opener closes with constant pressure on the console or pushbutton?

  1. Check STB – Both the Red and Green must be solid for the door to close
  2. 2 Blinks and a Pause – Check alignment, clean lenses, replace Green STB or wire to Green STB
  3. 3 Blinks and a Pause – Check for interference. Usually caused by an opener on the opposite door. Red or Green STB should be back to back when there’s 2 doors
  4. 4 Blinks and a Pause – Replace Red STB
  5. The Green STB should always be placed on the side of the door with the least amount of sunlight

What if the opener will not operate by the wall button or remote (STB is lit)?

  1. Check position of vacation lock on wall console
  2. Remove lens cover and check status light. Led should be blinking 1 to 8 times to diagnose problem area.
  3. If status light is not blinking unplug opener, remove cover, check wiring harness and ribbon cable connection, check fuse on motor drive board. If problem remains, replace the controller and drive board.

What if the opener is running through both limits?

  1. Check limit wiring. The Brown wire from the down limit connects to screws 5&6. The white wire from the up limit connects to screws 4&5.
  2. Both limits hang from right side of the rail viewing in from the outside. Check carriage for magnet. The arrow on the carriage must be pointing towards the door. If problem remains, send control board.

What if the opener speed  runs (fast/slow)?

  1. Anytime the opener is unplugged it will need to re-learn the distance between the up and down limit and during this time it will run slow. (2 cycles)
  2. Limits that are less than 6 feet apart (usually 1 piece doors) will not allow the opener to run in the fast mode.

What if there’s no distance from remote(s)?

  1. The average operating distance should be 25 feet. The antenna should be hanging out the back of the operator.
  2. Old openers, RV’s, cable boosters, alarms, appliances on the same circuit can create interference. Try to eliminate these items if possible. There is a coax antenna available. The controller board must be changed and then the coax antenna added. This should help with most distance issues. The part number 34019T.S/The Coax is 108035.0007.S.


Circuit Board Status Light Self Diagnostics

1 Blink

  • Reset operator-unplus and wait 5 seconds. Plug operator back in and operate from wall control
  • Check ribbon hardness on controller board
  • Replace old wall button wires and/or replace wall button with new series II wall button
  • If normal operation is restored, check door condition and balanace (this can cause a 1 Blink)
  • If normal operation is not restored, change controller board.

2 Blink

  • Controller board failure

3 Blink

  • Overcycled (wait 10 minutes) must leave unit plugged in! Cycles are restored at a rate of 5 cycles per 10 minutes

4 Blink

  • Force setting
  • Force settings are not preset at factory
  • Check door and rail condition

5 Blink

  • STB/Photocell problem
  • Check photocell self diagnostic chart

6 Blink

  • Shorted console or pushbutton
  • Check wiring to wall console/pushbutton
  • Bad console

7 Blink

  • Limit switches (one or both) grounded
  • Check for shorted or pinched wires under limit bracket

8 Blink

  • Vacation lock switch on wall control is in the lock position