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Genie Garage Door Opener – Why Choose Genie Intellicode?

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Criminals have a new way of getting in your home.
You may have locks on your doors. And you may have a home security system.  But thieves have found a new way of getting through the biggest entrance to your home:  your garage door.

How do they do it?
How can a thief open your garage door?  With a high-tech device known as a code grabber.  Unfortunately, they are easy to find and use.  Criminals can use one to copy the fixed radio code of any garage door opener while it’s in operation.  And once they get your code, they can use it to get into your garage, and possibly your home.

Protect yourself against code-grabbing thieves.
You can keep those unauthorized intruders out with the Genie Intellicode rolling code radio system.  Here’s how it works.  Conventional garage door openers are coded to send out the same fixed signal time after time.  So thieves can copy that signal with a code grabber and use it to open your door anytime they want.  But with Genie Intellicode, the coded signal is changed every time the remote control is used, making any copied code non-functional.  With 4.3 billion rolling codes, Genie Intellicode also protects against operation by someone else’s remote control.

Intellicode is automatic.
All new Genie garage door openers include Intellicode rolling code security as a standard feature, as well as a Safe-T-Beam non-contact reversing system and many other state-of-the-art safety and convenience features.  If your existing garage door opener has been around for a while, you should consider protecting your home and family by installing a new Genie Intellicode opener.

Turn your old garage door opener into a security system.
If you are happy with the operation of your current garage door opener, then the Genie Intellicode Universal Conversion Kit is the solution to ensure that you and your family are the only ones who can open your garage door.  The Conversion Kit is compatible with any brand of garage door opener you may already own.  It will give your opener and home the same strong protection against code-grabbing thieves as a new Genie Intellicode garage door opener.