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BFT Uniradio Palm-Top Programmer

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BFT Uniradio Palm-Top Programmer
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BFT Uniradio Palm-Top Programmer

In large and in much as individual installations, it is often necessary to add or eliminate transmitters stored in the receiver memory. To simplify this operation without giving up the rolling-code safety, BFT has created the new line of receivers with algorithm coding which can be cloned. With this type of device, any standard transmitter from the rolling-code line can be programmed, so as to be automatically entered in the memory of the receiver it has been programmed for. Thanks to this function, transmitters can thus be added to an installation without needing to go to the installation site. For installations where more than one receiver is present, the receivers and transmitters can be programmed in such a way that automatic programming only takes place on the receivers required. In the case where the installation database in available, it is also possible to replace a transmitter memorized therein with a new transmitter, still without needing to go to the installation site. UNIRADIO is a special version of palmtop programmer which is used to program clone transmitters and read the data to be filed by means of the EEdbase program. These are the function created:

Rolling-code transmitters
  • Programming of clones by addition
  • Programming of clones by replacement
  • Programming of clones with fixed code
  • Learning of the transmitter in the memorized code list via radio/wire. Rolling-code receivers with algorithm coding which can be cloned
  • Programming of the collective receiver (excluding receivers with standard algorithm)
  • Update of the memorized code lists, whenever necessary
  • Check of the presence of the code in the list memorized in the receiver
  • Removal of one or more codes from the list memorized in the receiver
  • Configuration of outputs (monostable, bistable, timed)
  • Reading of programming, and comparison with a database that can be memorized on PC by means of the appropriate EEDBASE program (supplied with UNIPRO).
UNIRADIO is connected to the main system by means of the UNIMITTO, UNITRC, UNIFLAT and UNIDA accessories supplied. UNIRADIO is interfaced with a Personal Computer by means of the appropriate EEDBASE program supplied.

Other accessories which can be supplied on request:

  • UNIPOWER – 12 V supply unit
  • UNICAVO – serial cable for connection to PC

Special Orders: All Special Order items require a 50% deposit of the total before ordering. Please call for lead times on Special Order items or request a quote by email or fax. Certain items such as, but not limited to, gate operators, telephone entry systems, card reader systems, access control systems, non-stock transmitters/receivers, any stock or non-stock item we consider to be a special order item, and/or any item being ordered specifically for you are considered a special order. All returns and cancellations within 30 days or exchanges within our 1-year warranty policy are subject to a 50% special order restocking fee. Warranty is void where evidence of misuse or abuse is present.

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