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EverCharge™ Garage Door Opener
Battery Backup System

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Liftmaster EverCharge™ 475LM Garage Door Opener Battery Backup System
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Liftmaster EverCharge™ 475LM Garage Door Opener Battery Backup System

Liftmaster EverCharge™ Garage Door Opener Battery Backup System

For use exclusively with the LiftMaster® Estate Series Model 2500(b)

Always charged and ready, the EverCharge™ powers the Model 2500(b) to open and close the garage door up to 20 full cycles when the power goes out.

Simple to install, it sits on top and plugs right into the back of the Model 2500(b). For low headroom installations, the EverCharge™ can also be mounted to a joist/rafter on the ceiling

Audible signal sounds when door is moving under battery power.

All safety and security features still operate.

Bright LED lights let you know that the EverCharge™ is operable, when it is in use, or when the batteries need to be replaced.

Every month, 100,000 homes in the U.S. lose power.

Most families rely on the garage door as the main entrance to their home.

$15.50 Standard ground shipment per item within the continental U.S. (A $10.00 charge has been added to the default shipping charge of $5.50 to equal $15.50 - Each spring added thereafter is an additional $10.00 added to shipping)

A large number of homes are already adding this type of power backup technology...

  • Whole home generators
  • Portable generators
  • Battery backup for computers
  • Battery backup sump pumps

The 475LM EverCharge™ Battery Backup System will provide the added safety and security you need most.
*Garage Door Opener Not Included

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