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AAA Remotes Gate Operator and Garage Door Opener Frequently Asked Questions
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You can look through our garage door opener questions and answers that other customers have already asked (frequently asked questions). You may find your answer here. Otherwise , contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions personally.

Do you carry remotes?
Absolutely, we carry remotes and most other replacement parts for gate and garage door opener operators for Stanley, Genie, Liftmaster, Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain, Multicode, Manaras, and Linear (for TenPro, ProLift, Clopay, MasterMechanic, and others not listed, please call us).

How do I determine which remote do I need?
We need to know the brand and model of the remote you need to replace. In some instances, we will need the frequency and the number of dip switches, if any. All that information should be on your remote, if it isn't, locate your receiver (small box with a wire protruding out located on or near your garage door operator), you should be able to access the information. If all fails, call us!

How do I code my remote?
It's very simple, all our products come with a set of instructions. The coding varies on the type of system you are using and is clearly explained on the instructions. On the reverse side of the remote, where the battery is concealed, there are a series of dip switches that you toggle up and down to match the setting of your current remote control:
Stanley: 10 switches, Genie AT85: 9 switches, GT90/GPT90-1: 12 switches, Multicode/ Multi Elmac : 10 switches, Linear: 8 switches, Chamberlain / Liftmaster: 61LM: 9 switches,
For Chamberlain / Liftmaster remote models 81LM, 91LM or 971LM, first locate the smart button on the rear side of the operator hanging from the ceiling in your garage. The smart button is either round (yellow, grey, white, red, or green) or square (red) with a green LED light adjacent. Take your remote and press the button and at the same time press the smart button. The receiver has now learned the code from the remote control. Press the smart button for any longer than 12 seconds (or until the LED light flashes and the receiver's memory has been erased). Please take a look at our instructions page, we have the original manufacturers instructions posted there, feel free to print those out.

My garage door opener is very old, can you still replace it with a new remote?
A lot of older models are replaceable, however, depending on the type of system, you may not be able to replace your remote: if your remote does not contain dip switches (and is at least 15 years old), you will need a new receiver. A receiver is much less expensive than replacing the entire operator and is easily installed (most residential receivers have 3 connections), clear and easy instructions and schematics are included.

Is there a universal remote that can operate any garage or gate opener?
There is no such thing as a remote that can operate any garage or gate opener. There are however, remotes that can operate on different frequencies, functioning with different brands such as the Skylink Universal remote or the Clicker Universal Learning Remote

My door only opens a few inches then stops and is heavy when trying to lift it manually. What could be the problem?
You probably have a broken spring (the large coil located on the top of the door on a bar) and this should be replaced. Another symptom of a broken spring is if you hear a very large bang and again, the door only opens a few inches.

My garage door opener is smoking and won't open. What's wrong with it?
You most likely have a burned drive belt, although there is the possibility of having a burned circuit board or capacitor. All are easily replaced.

I hear a hum coming from the garage door opener and it won't open. What is the problem?!?
A humming operator is usually the outcome of a burned out capacitor.

What's the average lifespan of a garage door opener?
Average lifespans of 8 - 10 years can be expected, although there are operators out there which last as little as 5 years yet as long as 25 years (or more!). If your operator is getting old, consider replacing it with an up-to-date machine with all the latest safety features.

I need certain parts for my garage/gate operator, can I purchase them from you?
Absolutely, and you will save a lot in the process! You will need to contact us for that, for special ordering and prices.

Are batteries and clips included?
Yes, batteries and clips are included, in some cases, key chains and velcro attachments.

Can I pay by check or a postal order?
Certainly, simply download and complete our printable order form and send it to us.

Choosing a new garage door opener
Learn the three main types, their cost and how to install them

By Allan James

If opening your garage door is a pain in the back, it's time to consider installing an automatic garage door opener. No longer considered a convenience item for the privileged, today's garage door openers are affordable, safe and easy to install.
There are three main types of openers:
Chain drive mechanism: By far the most popular and affordable opening device. Priced between $100 and $170, this model uses a chain to move the door. Screw drive mechanism: This slow-moving design relies on a long threaded bar to open the door. The cost for this unit is typically between $150 and $200. Belt drive mechanism: Considered the quietest and, priced at $200 and up, the most expensive opening device. This design uses rubber belts to open the door. The latest garage door opener safety features include automatic reversing action sensors and infrared beams to stop the garage door's downward movement should something get in the way. To keep thieves from stealing your transmission code, many openers feature technology that sends a different signal each time you use the opener.
Installation tips To install your garage door opener quickly and easily, follow these simple tips:
1. Secure the rail to the garage wall above the center of the door.
2. Use the supplied mounting straps to attach the unit motor to the garage framing overhead. Be sure it's centered between the garage door tracks.
3. Secure the opener's connecting arm to a bracket attached to the door.
4. Run wires from the unit motor to the wall-mounted control switch.
5. Plug motor into the nearest outlet.

Keep in mind that installation instructions can differ according to the type of opener you purchase. Extra features, such as infrared beams and keyless entry systems, require additional attention. For complete information, read the manufacturer's installation recommendations and instructions for your unit.

What's the difference between "Fail-Secure" and "Fail-Safe"?
Basically, it has to do with the state of the security device in question when there is no power going to it.

If the door can be opened when the power has failed to a door strike or deadbolt, we call this "Fail Safe." This means that people can come and go as needed when there is no power energizing a door. Fail Safe dead bolts are important on egress doors where people can be expected to leave a building during an emergency, such as a power outage.

Fail Secure is the opposite. The door is secure and can't be operated when power is removed. Most door strikes are fail secure, meaning that the force that keeps the door from opening is in place when no power is going to the door strike. A keypad or relay release provides power to the door strike and the door can simply be pushed open. Of course, with a door strike, the door can still be unlocked and operated by turning the handle.

Use of Fail Secure deadbolts should carefully be considered when used on doors used for entry. Since there is a bolt extending into the door, when the power fails, the door can't be opened manually and there exists a potential for people to become trapped.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@aaaremotes.com.

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