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AIPHONE Residential & Commercial Telephone Intercom, Video Monitoring Communications & Entry Security Solutions

Aiphone is an established provider in many communication markets. From Residential to Correctional and every market in between, Aiphone has a system that can be used in that application. Select an application from the categories listed below that suit your needs. If your market is not listed here, select one that’s similar or contact our Technical Support department for individualized assistance.

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In Businesses LEM-1DL

The LEM-1DLS Access Sentry set is an audio door answering and door release system for business use. Identifying a visitor before allowing them access improves the security and adds convenience to any business. Various applications include offices of all sizes, courthouses, hotel / motel door entries, retail and convenience stores, and virtually any type of small secured facility.


Business & Commercial LEF

The LEF system can be designed to meet a wide variety of communication needs, depending on the type of facility and the communication requirements. Any combination of master, sub, and door stations can be intermixed up to the system's capacity. This is an ideal system for Gate / Entry, Repair shops, and many commercial / industrial applications. Where communication and access control is needed at remote locations, the LEF can serve as an eletronic security guard, allowing access to authorized people only.

In Clinics LEM-3

The LEM system is a compact, simple to us, internal intercom system. A master station with one or up to three remote stations can be used for simple communication between locations or for monitoring remote areas. Various applications include hospitals, clinics, schools, daycare centers, correctional and law enforcement offices, plus many others.

In Homes LEF-C / MY

The LEF-C audio system in combination with the optional MY video system provides the ultimate in audio / video communication for the home. The homeowner can easily identify and speak to the person at the door. The camera in the door station can be adjusted, expanding the view of the entry area. Intercom stations located throughout the home provide easy communication between rooms. All of these features provide an extra measure of security and convenience for people in their homes.

Aiphone telephone intercom systems, video monitoring communications and entry security solutions. Aiphone is an internationally respected manufacturer of intercom and entry security products. Aiphone systems range from do it yourself (DIY) color video systems to complex micro-processor based systems (in applications such as secured entries, correctional facilities, inmate housing, parking garage security, control rooms, school security, health care facilities, gated communities and multi family housing. We carry the full Aiphone product line, listed below are residential & commercial telephone intercoms and access control systems, if you don't see an item that you need, please contact us at 800-849-3998 or email us.

Residential: Imagine the convenience of knowing whose at your door before you open it. Add to that the ability to see as well as hear who’s there and you’ve got an Aiphone Door Entry System. Used in place of the standard doorbell an Aiphone entry system provides not only the advantage of knowing who’s there, but the peace of mind as well.
Also consider the age-old issue of communicating within the home. In addition to securing a family, Aiphone provides systems for every communication need within the home (residential intercom system).

Commercial: With a majority of business communications being internal, it’s important to have a communication system that allows you to reach employees quickly without interfering with their work flow. Complement office telephone systems with an Aiphone intercom that allows you to speak with people in areas where phones are not installed. This type of system would be ideal in a reception or lobby area, where visitors are likely to come to the front entrance. Choose from a long list of Aiphone open voice or handset intercom systems, which include door strike release activation. A video monitoring system gives you an extra measure of security and convenience, allowing you to see and talk to the person at the door before letting them in. When protecting an facility’s entrance, consider a system that is user friendly to visitors and vendors who must enter areas protected by card access security systems. Aiphone provides a wide range of access entry systems with either audio only or audio visual identification of a visitor. When a person presses the button on the audio/video entry system, the doorbell rings and the video monitor provides a clear, bright image of who is at your door. Some cameras can be moved horizontally or vertically for a better view. Once the visitor has been approved, a door release button can be pressed to let the visitor in. This not only improves security, but it also adds real convenience to your access control system. Choose between wide variety of black and white or color video systems.

Special Orders: All Special Order items require a 50% deposit of the total before ordering. Please call for lead times on Special Order items or request a quote by email or fax. Certain items such as, but not limited to, gate operators, telephone entry systems, card reader systems, access control systems, non-stock transmitters/receivers, any stock or non-stock item we consider to be a special order item, and/or any item being ordered specifically for you are considered a special order. All returns and cancellations within 30 days or exchanges within our 1-year warranty policy are subject to a 25% special order restocking fee. Warranty is void where evidence of misuse or abuse is present.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at info@aaaremotes.com.

AIPHONE QuikDraw Telephone Entry System Custom Installation Diagram Creator
AIPHONE QuikDraw Telephone Entry System Custom Installation Diagram Creator

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